Christmas Gifts

Have you thought about Christmas presents yet? Well look no further, we can definitely help you out this year… we’ve curated an exquisite selection of gift packages, perfect for treating your loved ones to something truly special. We offer a variety of gift packages featuring unique items, including a versatile trinket dish that can also

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Take your skin to the next level

Allow me to introduce our exclusive skincare package, meticulously designed to enhance your skin’s potential. Why choose this exceptional package? Double cleanse ensures a fresh canvas for ultimate results. A rejuvenating peel removes dead skin, revealing your inner glow. Dermapen treatments stimulate collagen production, reducing fine lines and scars. The Hyla Active mask provides intense

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Experience Oxygen Therapy

Bring life and radiance to your skin O Biome Oxygen Therapy uses a combination of cosmetic science and the nature of skin physiology to breathe life into your skin. This treatment supports cellular oxygenation and your skins microbiome, through multi-step exfoliation, lymphatic massage and the specially formulated O Biome treatment, leaving you with healthy glowing

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Sip & Paint

Keep a look out for the next Sip and Paint events! Conducted in a group setting, you will learn the basics of makeup including: Great for outings friend outings, beginners and those interested in a getting a go-to daytime look. Sessions usually run for about 2 hours, with refreshments provided. Follow us on Facebook and

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