Types of skin products explained

Choosing skin products that work can be tricky. There are so many different types and brands to choose from and everybody’s skin is different. So, how do you find what will work for you? Let Amanda from His and Hers Beauty and Skin Solutions explain exactly what to look for in products, the difference between salon products and other products that are available and the different varieties of products you can buy.

There are three different layers of products available on the market, all of which achieve varying results for users.

Cosmetic Skin Products

These are the products that you find in super markets, Myer, David Jones etc. They are typically not sold by beauty therapists as there is no scientific evidence that there are any active ingredients in them. Meaning they won’t change the structure of your skin. These products typically have a lot of fragrances in them, so they will smell great and feel great BUT won’t be doing anything for your skin.

Cosmeceutical Skin Products

These products are clinically proven to have high concentrated active ingredients in them. They are generally comprised of 50-60% mineral products, they are pure and have a lot of active vitamins in them. These are the types of products that will start to change the structure of your skin from the inside out. They are also paraben free, which is very important for skincare products.

Cosmedical Skin Products

These products are medical strength. They are biomimetic, bio meaning life and mimetic meaning to imitate. Which basically means that the product will imitate your DNA to help strengthen and rebuild. These skin products are scientifically proven and have the highest possible dose of active ingredients before needing a prescription. The active ingredients make up 70-80% of these products, hence they can really change the structure of your skin, right down to your dermal layer. You need to work slowly with these products and build your skin up to using more active ingredients. They are 100% synthetic free, paraben free and chemical preservative free.

It is important to look at what you are using on your skin to not only make the outside look good, but to really change what is going in from the inside down lower from where your collagen and elastic cells and DNA are produced. This will show on the outside of your skin.

Here at His and Hers Beauty and Skin Solutions we use both Cosmeceutical and Cosmedical products. Give us a call and I will explain what products you need to be using to get your skin looking and feeling the way you want.